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Set in the time of Napoleon wars, shows how the wars swept over the unfortunate Polish country at the beginning of the XIX-th century. Story revolves around the Polish legion under command of General Dabrowski, who then fought on Napoleon's side with the hopes of Poland's revival. Written byPolish Cinema Database <>

Actors: Daniel Olbrychski,Boguslaw Kierc,Piotr Wysocki,Beata Tyszkiewicz,Pola Raksa,Wladyslaw Hancza,Jan Swiderski,Jan Koecher,Zbigniew Sawan,Józef Duriasz,Zbigniew Józefowicz,Janusz Zakrzenski,Józef Nalberczak,Stanislaw Zaczyk,Zofia Saretok
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" There also a plot about an older brother, who defending the right of his peasants to be free gets into a shooting duel with his aristocratic patron and gets killed"

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