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Based upon the case of Sada Abe, who on May 17 1936 killed and emasculated her lover. These events took place during a period of war, economic depression, public unease and growing militarism, a time of unrest and confusion when public opinion was, at best, unpredictable. Sada, condemned by the law, found herself lionized by the press and hailed as a 'saint' of love. Because she committed murder out of passion, the purity of her motivation elevated her from the status of criminal to that of popular heroine. Written byL.H. Wong <>

Actors: Hitomi Kuroki,Tsurutarô Kataoka,Norihei Miki,Kippei Shîna,Toshie Negishi,Bengaru,Renji Ishibashi,Kyûsaku Shimada,Emiko Azuma,Yasufumi Hayashi,Hisashi Igawa,Mansaku Ikeuchi,Wakaba Irie,Ayumi Itô,Kôen Okumura
Year: 1998
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" There are lots of bare shoulders and legs and several sex scenes but they are mostly played either artfully or comically"

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