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Harold Hall, an accident prone young man with little or no acting ability, desperately wants to be in pictures. After a mix-up with his application photograph, he gets an offer to have a screen-test, and goes off to Hollywood. At the studio, he does everything wrong and causes all sorts of trouble. But he catches the fancy of a beautiful actress, and eventually the studio owner recognizes him as a comic genius. Written byJohn Oswalt <>

Actors: Harold Lloyd,Constance Cummings,Kenneth Thomson,Louise Closser Hale,Spencer Charters,Robert McWade,Eddie Fetherston,Sydney Jarvis,Harold Goodwin,Mary Doran,DeWitt Jennings,Lucy Beaumont,Arthur Housman
Year: 1932
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" Technophiles take note: the climactic backstage battle, in which Harold finally proves himself, was clearly shot silent, but the clumsy telegraphing of each gag well in advance kills the tempo"

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