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A couple of friends decide to have a good time and play a trick on an unmarried woman. Therefore one of them has to pretend to fall in love with her. Written byVolker Boehm

Actors: Betsy Blair,José Suárez,Yves Massard,Luis Peña,Dora Doll,Alfonso Godá,Manuel Alexandre,José Calvo,Matilde Muñoz Sampedro,René Blancard,María Gámez,Lila Kedrova,Josefina Serratosa,Julia Delgado Caro,José Prada
Year: 1956
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" During the start of filming , student protests in Madrid, led to the arrest of director Juan Antonio Bardem, a communist, in the city of Palencia and carried out by the Brigada Politica Social "

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