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In San Francisco, we follow Johnny, a man who has a girlfriend, Lisa, and also his best friend, Mark. Lisa has been cheating on Johnny with Mark and Johnny doesn't know! Will Johnny ever find out? Will Mark still be Johnny's best friend? Written bymaxkriegelnance

Actors: Tommy Wiseau,Juliette Danielle,Greg Sestero,Philip Haldiman,Carolyn Minnott,Robyn Paris,Mike Holmes,Dan Janjigian,Kyle Vogt,Greg Ellery,Kari McDermott,Jennifer Vanderbliek,Daron Jennings,Frank Willey
Year: 2003
Imdb: click here

" Denny eventually gets involved with drugs and has to confront the hate-filled Chris-R (and there is no logical reason why the character has a hyphen in his name so don't ask)"

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