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Where to watch The Golden Thread (Subarnarekha)
A man (Abhi Bhattacharya) opposes the love between his sister and the orphan (Satindra Bhattacharya) they adopted years earlier.

Actors: Abhi Bhattacharya,Bijon Bhattacharya,Indrani Chakrabarty,Gita Dey,Tarun,Sikander Azam,Abanish Banerjee,Bhanu Ghosh,Shyamal Ghoshal,Arun Chowdhury,Pitambar,Kalpana Jana,Gopal Sanyal,Ranen Ray Choudhury,Jahar Roy
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"After having seen this extraordinary film, I can't understand why Ghatak's genius was hardly appreciated in his lifetime, why it had to take so long to rediscover him as one of the most amazing film directors of the 20th century"

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