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Grouchy, uptight 64-year-old Buddhadev Gupta lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle in London, England, along with his widowed TV and wrestling-addicted mom. He is the owner of Spice 6, one of London's top restaurants that specializes in Indian dishes. One day a customer, Nina Verma, complains about the zafrani pulao, and Buddhadev does not take it well, only to subsequently find out that the pulao was indeed imperfect. He decides to make amends to Nina and lends her his umbrella during a rainy day. Both subsequently become friends, fall in love, and decide to get married. She is introduced to Buddhadev's mom, who instantly approves of her. Nina, who lives in Delhi with her widower dad, cuts short her visit when her dad gets sick. Buddhadev and his mom also travel to India so that Buddhadev can ask for Nina's hand from her now-fully recovered dad. Buddhadev does meet with Nina's dad and, after considerable hesitation, does manage to ask for Nina's hand and is abruptly refused--for Nina is ... Written byrAjOo (

Actors: Amitabh Bachchan,Tabu,Paresh Rawal,Zohra Segal,Swini Khara,Vinay Jain,Krishna Bhatt,Emma Haylan Hall,Jameel Khan,Alexx O'Nell,Phil Pritchard,Madhura Shewade,Kanwal Toor,Annie Vanders
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

" Plus I want to see more of Zohra before she leaves us, and more of the excellent Swini"

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