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In 1977, the goalkeeper of the Almagro team Claudio Tamburrini is illegally kidnapped from his home, arrested by the government forces and sent blindfolded to Sere Mansion, a clandestine detention center. His acquaintance Tano, who had been tortured for a long period, had falsely accused Claudio of being a revolutionary. Along the months, Claudio is kept nude and handcuffed together with the prisoners El Gallego, El Vasco and Guillermo Fernández and submitted to all sort of humiliations and tortures, until the night they decide to escape from their imprisonment in the old mansion. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Rodrigo De la Serna,Pablo Echarri,Nazareno Casero,Lautaro Delgado,Matías Marmorato,Martín Urruty,César Albarracín,Diego Alonso Gómez,Leonardo Bargiga,Luis Enrique Caetano,Alfredo Castellani,Andrés Chinello,Daniel Cúparo,Guillermo Javier de la Vega,Daniel Di Biase
Year: 2006
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