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This is a telling of the Jessica Savitch story, the newswoman who, in the 1970's, became the "First Woman Anchor". Sally/Tally is taken under the wing of Warren in a Miami newsroom and becomes a news star on TV. Despite her love for Warren, she takes the big chance and moves on to Philadelphia, where he follows to rescue her faltering career at the cost of his own - as she rises he falls. Written byBruce Cameron <>

Actors: Robert Redford,Michelle Pfeiffer,Stockard Channing,Joe Mantegna,Kate Nelligan,Glenn Plummer,James Rebhorn,Scott Bryce,Raymond Cruz,Dedee Pfeiffer,Miguel Sandoval,Noble Willingham,James Karen,Brian Markinson,Michael Laskin
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

"" Well, that sounds nice but whatever happened to jail as a form of punishment for someone committing a crime against someone else? Liberals - like Redford, who is never shy about giving us his views in movies like this - sometimes seem to have more compassion for thugs than they do victims of crime! He goes so far in here as to preach that if you don't treat prisoners with kid gloves you deserve to have a riot on your hands"

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