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After spending seven years behind bars, Johnny Crown is back on the street, with lots of cash, a psychotherapy degree and a burning desire to find and punish gangsters who had killed his father. One of the people involved is Frank Gavillan, who unwillingly follows Johnny in his demonical and ultraviolent crusade. Written byDragan Antulov <>

Actors: Denis Leary,Joe Mantegna,Annabella Sciorra,Larry Bishop,Abe Vigoda,Robert Costanzo,Traci Lords,Jimmie F. Skaggs,James Tolkan,Heidi Schanz,Cristi Conaway,Angela Jones,Michael David Simms,Amy Moon,Marc Baur
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

"Why everyone in general knocks this movie is beyond me"

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