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In Paris in the 1920s, a concert violinist meets and falls in love with a stylish young flapper who's the wife of an old friend. Romaine instigates the affair with Marcel, and carries it forward even as her husband, Pierre, falls ill. She may even be purposely giving Pierre a treatment that adds to his misery. After Marcel returns from a concert tour and Romaine stoops to a new low in abandoning Pierre for an assignation, she reconsiders the affair and takes a drastic step. Three years later, Pierre pays Marcel a visit to demand the truth. Will the jealous and aggrieved Marcel manage a convincing performance? Written by<>

Actors: Sabine Azéma,Fanny Ardant,Pierre Arditi,André Dussollier,Jacques Dacqmine,Hubert Gignoux,Catherine Arditi
Year: 1986
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" The eternal triangle, wrapped in pretentious dialogue which was the trade mark of playwright Henry Bernstein"

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