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During the Sarikamis Battle, the Ottoman army runs out of ammunition and appeals to the people of Van for help, who happen to have supplies. However, the First World War is on and all men are fighting at four corners of the empire and therefore can not respond to to the appeal. The young children of Van want to do something. When the Principal of a school, who has lost a son in the war, suggests that the ammunition be transported to Sarikamis, 120 young boys aged 12 to 17 volunteer and take to the road. The movie tells the true story of the 120 boys and their sisters and mothers left behind, who wait for their return. The movie opens with a scene where and Armenian doctor goes to the house of a Turk whose son is sick, as he has done many times before. One of the boys does not like an Armenian doctor providing medical service to Turks, who, he believes are out to destroy the Turks. At the same time, the Armenian members of the Hunchaks in Van, who gather at a church and vow to join the... Written bye-SpaRtaCuS

Actors: Özge Özberk,Cansel Elcin,Burak Sergen,Yasar Abravaya,Melih Atalay,Ozan Cem Dur,Deniz Güngören,Melza Burcu Ince,Demir Karahan,Mustafa Karakoyun,Halil Kumova,Emin Olcay,Ibrahim Oner,Incilay Sahin,Misak Toros
Year: 2008
Imdb: click here

"While surfing on the internet about this movie, I read and was pleasantly impressed by the great heroic story this is, and without any hesitation dressed myself to immediately go to see the movie"

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