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Politician get hitch hikers on road and in one car accident they all end up on a tree above the sea.

Actors: Louis de Funès,Geraldine Chaplin,Olivier De Funès,Alice Sapritch,Paul Préboist,Roland Armontel,Franco Volpi,Jean Panisse,Hans Meyer,Daniel Bellus,Jean-Jacques Delbo,Darsac,Pascal Mazzotti,Danielle Durou,Fernand Berset
Year: 1971
Imdb: click here

" Even the fact that although everybody is working hard to justify their job, nobody is helping in any way and the rush for cheap thrills experienced through a third party as people want to know how does it feel, yet nobody is ready to trying for themselves, not even the guy sent to the rescue"

Perched on a Tree (Sur un arbre perché) trailer