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Jimmy is married to the abusive Frank, but she's building a nest egg so she can leave. For a year, she's been deaf as a result of one of his beatings. One night, he pushes her over the stairwell, and she ends up in the hospital. When a charred body in her husband's car is pulled from a pond, the cops want to talk to her, but she bolts for her sister's, loses her savings pass-book, and then learns someone has emptied her bank account. She's goes on the run, with the same cops on her trail, and eventually realizes Frank may not be dead. Getting back her money, facing Frank, satisfying the police, and finding her freedom may be more than she can handle. Written by<>

Actors: Bridget Fonda,Kiefer Sutherland,Hart Bochner,Steven Weber,Penelope Ann Miller,Tippi Hedren,Leslie Stefanson,Mike Hagerty,Tom Harrison,Charles Noland,Muse Watson,Matt O'Toole,Abraham Verduzco,Anna Getty,Zack Tiegen
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" You keep yelling at the screen, "Call the cops! Call the cops!" Of course, she doesn't"

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