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Richard is a typical cop who spends too much time on the job and isn't always there for his family. One day as he's preparing to spend some quality time with his young daughter he gets an urgent call and responds to it - when he returns home his daughter is missing, but her body is quickly discovered. Racked with guilt he is also filled with hatred for the man arrested for the crime, but after being sent to prison the convict eventually manages to lure Richard into a secret correspondence. Doubts begin to surface - was he really the guilty man, or could this have been work of another serial child abductor who may have been in the area? Richard launches his own investigation, and finally uncovers a new witness. Gritty detective thriller. Written byGraham Inglis

Actors: Jean Dujardin,Laurent Lucas,Agnès Blanchot,Aurélien Recoing,Jacques Frantz,Jean-François Garreaud,Jean-Pierre Cassel,Alexandra Goncalvez,Claudine Vincent,Caroline Santini,Marie Guillard,Gabriel Mancuso,Thierry Bosc,Jean-Pierre Germain,Benjamin Guyot
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

" And liberals, especially"

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