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Duncan and Susanna McKaskel are a young married couple travelling to the West with their son, hoping to start a new life. Along the way, they stop in a small town where they meet a gang of bandits led by Doc Shabitt. After Duncan unintentionally angers the gang, he and Susanna flee the town, but Shabitt leads his men in pursuit of revenge. A mysterious stranger by the name of Con Vallian soon begins helping the family as they try to find a new home and protects them from Shabitt's gang. Written byJohn Hitchcock

Actors: Sam Elliott,Tom Conti,Kate Capshaw,Kenny Morrison,Matt Clark,Patrick Kilpatrick,Jerry Potter,Billy Streater,Del Shores,R.L. Tolbert,Jeffrey Meyer,Kurt D. Lott,Hardy Rawls,Larry Sellers,Bill Stedman
Year: 1987
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" Sam Elliot is the man, and the supporting cast works well also"

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