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When Miriam splits up with her wealthy lover, she and her 15-year-old son Michael have to move from posh Zehlendorf to run-down Berlin-Neukölln. The boy finds friends in his new neighborhood, but at school he is victimized and pressed for money by Errol and his gang. Handing over money from a burglary rather serves to encourage the bullies instead of warding them off, so Michael is desperately looking for a better solution. Written byArmin Ortmann {}

Actors: David Kross,Jenny Elvers,Erhan Emre,Oktay Özdemir,Kida Khodr Ramadan,Arnel Taci,Kai Michael Müller,Hans Löw,Jan Henrik Stahlberg,Amy Mußul,Georg Friedrich,Marc Zwinz,Henriette Müller,Eva Löbau,Fabian Krüger
Year: 2006
Imdb: click here

"8 out of 10 broken futures"

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