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Johnny Regan, a U.S. citizen, goes to Mexico and takes up bullfighting as a lark, hoping to impress a Mexican beauty, Anita de la Vega. His lighthearted studying, under the tutelage of aging matador Manolo Estrada, leads to tragedy. Written byJim Beaver <>

Actors: Robert Stack,Joy Page,Gilbert Roland,Virginia Grey,John Hubbard,Katy Jurado,Antonio Gomez,Ismael Pérez,Rodolfo Acosta,Ruben Padilla,Darío Ramírez,Luis Briones,Luís Castro,Ricardo Torres 'Bombita',Alfonso Ramírez Calesero
Year: 1951
Imdb: click here

" A certain number of fighters will be gored, badly hurt and killed, because the bulls do unpredictable things, or someone or something distracts the bull unpredictably and it swerves dangerously"

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