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Only connect. In gray, class-conscious Helsinki, Nikander is a stoic, solitary garbage man. Cigarettes, coffee, bingo games, and English lessons border his circumscribed life. There are few words, no smiles, and no laughter. Violence and the threat of violence seem close at hand. Ilona, a supermarket clerk who frequently loses her job, bandages Nikander's hand one evening; later he gets her out of a jam, and they begin an on-again off-again relationship. "Why do I keep losing?," Nikander asks his co-worker, Melartin, a man Nikander met in jail and helped get a job. Can he break his losing streak? Written by<>

Actors: Matti Pellonpää,Kati Outinen,Sakari Kuosmanen,Esko Nikkari,Kylli Köngäs,Pekka Laiho,Jukka-Pekka Palo,Svante Korkiakoski,Mari Rantasila,Safka Pekkonen,Antti Ortamo,Mato Valtonen,Sakke Järvenpää,Ulla Kuosmanen,Neka Haapanen
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" It's easy to watch and even easier to ignore, looking like a rough sketch for a minor work by a filmmaker poised for bigger things"

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