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After a nuclear holocaust tears the world apart, mankind is forced to the harshness of not only the oppression of others who are much more powerful, but the dead earth which seems to be getting worse with every passing moment. But a savior has risen from the ashes, a man who will defeat those who would torment the weak and make the world a livable place once more. A man named Kenshiro..... Written byChuck "Dark-Side" Williamson

Actors: Akira Kamiya,Yuriko Yamamoto,Kenji Utsumi,Chikao Ohtsuka,Toshio Furukawa,Kaneto Shiozawa,Tomiko Suzuki,Teiyû Ichiryûsai,Arisa Andô,Junji Chiba,Hidekatsu Shibata,Junpei Takiguchi,Takeshi Aono,Hiroshi Ôtake,Daisuke Gôri
Year: 1986
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" The only shock might come from the extensive brutality that beams from the screen"

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