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In Melo, a poor Uruguayan country village near the Brazilian border, several men earn their living from contraband, mostly transported on bicycles. One of them, Beto, is getting too old for heavy freights but hopes to earn a motorbike. The idea is to build and charge money for the use of a proper lavatory at the occasion of the first-ever papal visit to Uruguay, as His Holiness is expected to pass trough Melo where he may be cheered by hordes of Catholic Brazilians. Written byKGF Vissers

Actors: César Troncoso,Virginia Méndez,Mario Silva,Virginia Ruiz,Nelson Lence,Henry De Leon,Jose Arce,Rosario Dos Santos,Hugo Blandamuro,Andrea Alvarez,Wilson Alvez,Carlos Andrade,Brandon Antuna,Baltasar Burgos,Yonatan Da Silva
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"*END OF SPOILERS*"The Pope's toilet", another foreign film (for the USA) that Hollywood will never dream of touching, not even with a ten foot pole, to make an American remake of it"

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