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Work has been going with a bang for freelance assassin Hawkins but a job in England just after the war is a different matter. His apparently easy target, a pompous government minister, is off for some hanky-panky at the Green Man on the south coast, where Hawkins is planning to retire him for good. But before he can get on with this the hit-man has a procession of unwanted visitors at home to dispose of - one way or another. Written byJeremy Perkins {J-26}

Actors: Alastair Sim,George Cole,Terry-Thomas,Jill Adams,Raymond Huntley,Colin Gordon,Avril Angers,Eileen Moore,Dora Bryan,John Chandos,Cyril Chamberlain,Richard Wattis,Vivien Wood,Marie Burke,Lucy Griffiths
Year: 1956
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"As always Alistair Sim brings his genius for comedy to a great British farce from the fifties"

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