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Amid big-budget medieval pageantry, King Richard goes on the Crusades leaving his brother Prince John as regent, who promptly emerges as a cruel, grasping, treacherous tyrant. Apprised of England's peril by message from his lady-love Marian, the dashing Earl of Huntingdon endangers his life and honor by returning to oppose John, but finds himself and his friends outlawed, and Marian apparently dead. Enter Robin Hood, acrobatic champion of the oppressed, laboring to set things right through swash buckling feats and cliffhanging perils! Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Wallace Beery,Sam De Grasse,Enid Bennett,Paul Dickey,William Lowery,Roy Coulson,Billie Bennett,Merrill McCormick,Wilson Benge,Willard Louis,Alan Hale,Bud Geary,Lloyd Talman,Douglas Fairbanks
Year: 1922
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" Fairbanks was a great choice to play Robin Hood, it's just too bad we don't get to see him swing into action as the bandit of Sherwood until after a long, drawn-out first half concerning King Richard and Huntingdon (Robin) heading off for the Crusades"

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