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Three characters linked by the mythical Maria Maddalena - Mary Magdalene... Tony Childress, an infamous, egotistical and obsessive actor/director is playing the lead role of Jesus in his controversial new film THIS IS MY BLOOD. When the shoot wraps, Marie Palesi, his lead actress, is left alone in Jerusalem, drained, empty. 'Selfless'. Into the void within her is poured the spirit of Mary Magdalene, and Marie embarks on a profound journey towards enlightenment. Meanwhile, in New York City, tv journalist Ted Younger begins his own quest for spiritual truth through his documentary about the life of Christ. When the premiere of Tony's film becomes the target of bomb threats by the vengeful religious Right, the lives and paths of these three characters come dramatically together. Written byJason Grimshaw

Actors: Juliette Binoche,Forest Whitaker,Matthew Modine,Heather Graham,Marion Cotillard,Stefania Rocca,Marco Leonardi,Luca Lionello,Mario Opinato,Elio Germano,Emma Nitti,Chiara Picchi,Angelica Di Majo,Ettore D'Alessandro,Alex Grazioli
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

" During all the movie, I really enjoyed it, but when it finished I thought "That's all ?" and found that it was in fact quite empty"

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