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In a small coastal town of fishermen in Uruguay, the biologist Kraken works and lives in a house at the sea side with his wife Suli and their aggressive fifteen year-old daughter Alex. When Suli welcomes her former best friend Erika that comes with her husband, the surgeon Ramiro and their teenage son Alvaro to spend a couple of days with her family, Kraken learns that his wife invited Ramiro to operate Alex. Meanwhile Alex and Alvaro feel attracted by each other; however, Alvaro finds that Alex is hermaphrodite and she finds that Alvaro is gay. But the troubled and outcast Alex has the right to choose what gender she wants for her. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Ricardo Darín,Valeria Bertuccelli,Germán Palacios,Carolina Pelleritti,Martín Piroyansky,Inés Efron,Guillermo Angelelli,César Troncoso,Jean Pierre Reguerraz,Ailín Salas,Luciano Nóbile,Lucas Escariz
Year: 2007
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" Some get gynecomastia (breast development in boys) and stay with a high voice"

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