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Where to watch You, the Living (Du levande)
A series of scenes that focus specially on a single idea, emotion or act us. In the absence of interfering qualities this film is able to take one factoring influence and amplify it to absurd and hilarious proportions. Each scene gives us an uninterrupted view at some of the more unglamorous characteristics that in the end determine who we are, both as individuals and as a thread in the patchwork of the collective human unconscious. Written

Actors: Elisabeth Helander,Jörgen Nohall,Jan Wikbladh,Björn Englund,Birgitta Persson,Lennart Eriksson,Jessika Lundberg,Eric Bäckman,Rolf Engström,Jessica Nilsson,Pär Fredriksson,Leif Larsson,Patrik Anders Edgren,Gunnar Ivarsson,Waldemar Nowak
Year: 2007
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