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Ian Curtis is a quiet and rather sad lad who works for an employment agency and sings in a band called Warsaw. He meets a girl named Debbie whom he promptly marries and his band, of which the name in the meantime has been changed to Joy Division, gets more and more successful. Even though Debbie and he become parents, their relationship is going downhill rapidly and Ian starts an affair with Belgium Annik whom he met after one of the gigs and he's almost never at home. Ian also suffers from epilepsy and has no-good medication for it. He doesn't know how to handle the feelings he has for Debbie and Annik and the pressure the popularity of Joy Division and the energy performing costs him. Written byMarco van Hoof <>

Actors: Sam Riley,Samantha Morton,Alexandra Maria Lara,Joe Anderson,James Anthony Pearson,Harry Treadaway,Craig Parkinson,Toby Kebbell,Andrew Sheridan,Robert Shelly,Richard Bremmer,Tanya Myers,Martha Myers Lowe,Matthew McNulty,David Whittington
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

" He performs all of the band's iconic songs such as Atmosphere, Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Twenty-Four Hours himself, using Curtis' robotic hand motions on stage to great effect"

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