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An adult nicknamed Misty is narrating a story about one summer in his life when he was an adolescent in the late 1960s. He was living in a Catholic orphanage in the Australian outback. His best mates were the "December boys" - Maps, Spark and Spit - the four of them so named because they were the boys in the orphanage born in the month of December. With a recent windfall, the orphanage decided to give each of the boys a group vacation for each of their birthdays, the December boys the first to go. Their vacation was to Lady Star Cove on the Australian coast, to stay at the home of Mrs. and Mrs. McAnsh - Bandy and "Skipper". Their relatively carefree Christmas vacation took a turn primarily from three events: learning the reason the McAnshes hosted the boys specifically at this time; Maps, the oldest in his mid-teens, exploring his sexuality with a girl named Lucy, who was also visiting Lady Star Cove for the summer; and Misty secretly learning that a young couple in the cove, Fearless... Written byHuggo

Actors: Daniel Radcliffe,Lee Cormie,Christian Byers,James Fraser,Jack Thompson,Teresa Palmer,Sullivan Stapleton,Victoria Hill,Max Cullen,Kris McQuade,Ralph Cotterill,Frank Gallacher,Paul Blackwell,Judi Farr,Carmel Johnson
Year: 2007
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" He is Maps, played by Radcliffe"

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