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Outlaw smugglers Stella Star and Akton manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zarth Arn. The smugglers are soon recruited by the Emperor of the Galaxy to complete the mission, as well as to rescue the Emperor's son, who has gone missing. Written byJean-Marc Rocher <>

Actors: Marjoe Gortner,Caroline Munro,Christopher Plummer,David Hasselhoff,Robert Tessier,Joe Spinell,Nadia Cassini,Judd Hamilton,Hamilton Camp
Year: 1978
Imdb: click here

" Overall, it's got everything a b-movie addict can want: ambitious, but not always successful visual effects, at least one Shakespearian actor forced to recite comic strip dialogue, plenty of continuity errors, and a number of very attractive young women, principally, the said Miss Munro, as Stella Star"

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