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A rich man's son (Yuen Biao) believes himself to be the best kung fu fighter in Canton. Unfortunately, his father, anxious for his son's safety, bribes all his opponents to lose. After a humiliating defeat at the hands of an actor in a traveling theatre company, the son resolves to find a better teacher. Furious kung fu battles and slapstick comedy. Written byRichard Hills <>

Actors: Biao Yuen,Ching-Ying Lam,Sammo Kam-Bo Hung,Frankie Chan,Lung Chan,Yau Hau Chan,Ching Po Chang,Hsi Chang,Wellson Chin,Yuet Sang Chin,Fat Chung,Kwok Wing Ha,Wai-Hon Ho,Shou-Chieh Lai,Hoi Sang Lee
Year: 1981
Imdb: click here

"This is my favourite marital arts film"

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