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Escaping to England from a French embezzlement charge, widower Henry Scarlett is accompanied by daughter Sylvia who, to avoid detection, "disguises" herself as a boy, "Sylvester." They are joined by amiable con man Jimmy Monkley, then, after a brief career in crime, meet Maudie Tilt, a giddy, sexy Cockney housemaid who joins them in the new venture of entertaining at resort towns from a caravan. Through all this, amazingly no one recognizes that Sylvia is not a boy...until she meets handsome artist Michael Fane, and drama intrudes on the comedy. Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Katharine Hepburn,Cary Grant,Brian Aherne,Edmund Gwenn
Year: 1935
Imdb: click here

"Cary Grant's role in SS is a dark type he didn't get to do often enough, but excelled at"

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