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A radio play is going to go on air at a Tokyo radio station. It is a weepy melodrama written by housewife Miyako, who is the winner of the competition run by the station. Suddenly, the hot-tempered lead actress Nokko decides she wants the name of her character to be Mary Jane and not Ritsuko. That leads to the chain of events which changes the play completely. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Toshiaki Karasawa,Kyôka Suzuki,Masahiko Nishimura,Keiko Toda,Jun Inoue,Toshiyuki Hosokawa,Kaoru Okunuki,Zen Kajiwara,Moro Morooka,Yoshimasa Kondô,Akira Fuse,Shunji Fujimura,Shirô Namiki,Hiromasa Taguchi,Yasukiyo Umeno
Year: 1997
Imdb: click here

" Though Mitani's film is much lighter than Itami's "Marusa no Onna" for example, I still was laughing out loud along with everyone else in the theatre over scenes like the Gameboy(tm)-playing security guard teaching frantic techies how to create the sound of a dam breaking over a mountain village with rice and a styrofoam cup"

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