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In the 1930's, a First World War flying ace named Roger Schumann is reduced to making appearances on the crash-and-burn circuit of stunt aerobatics. His family are forced to live like dogs while Shumann pursues his only true love, the airplane. When Burke Devlin, a reporter, shows up on the scene to do a "whatever happened to" story on Shumann, he is repulsed by the war hero's diminished circumstances and, conversely, drawn to his stunning wife, LaVerne. Written byAlfred Jingle

Actors: Rock Hudson,Robert Stack,Dorothy Malone,Jack Carson,Robert Middleton,Alan Reed,Alexander Lockwood,Christopher Olsen,Robert J. Wilke,Troy Donahue,William Schallert,Betty Utey,Phil Harvey,Steve Drexel,Eugene Borden
Year: 1958
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" Jack Carson plays Jiggs as the pathetically smitten man he is, while Christopher Olsen has a heartbreaking scene where he is stuck on an amusement park ride watching fate deal its hand (trivia Olsen is Cindy Brady's real-life brother)"

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