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The three Craig sisters, in Switzerland with their ten-years-divorced mother, run away to New York to prevent their father from marrying calculating socialite Donna Lyons. The overpowering vivacity of the Smart Girls (nominal ages 14-20) sweeps all before it, but a romantic complication between middle sister Kay and their accidental ally, Lord Michael Stuart, threatens shipwreck to their schemes... Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Binnie Barnes,Charles Winninger,Alice Brady,Ray Milland,Mischa Auer,Ernest Cossart,Lucile Watson,John 'Dusty' King,Nella Walker,Hobart Cavanaugh,Nan Grey,Barbara Read,Deanna Durbin
Year: 1936
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"The girls are vacationing in Switzerland when word comes that dear old dad who's been divorced from mom for years is about to be married again"

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