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An impulsive sexual encounter from her past haunts Amy, an otherwise seemingly normal young woman with a bright future and nice-guy fiancé. But her fiancé has suggested that the couple be completely honest and tell each other everything! When Amy finally relents, encouraged to tell the truth by her coworker and mother (neither of whom really knows what she has to disclose), and reveals her secret, all hell breaks loose. Written byGeoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Film Festival Director

Actors: Melinda Page Hamilton,Bryce Johnson,Geoff Pierson,Colby French,Jack Plotnick,Bonita Friedericy,Brian Posehn,Morgan Murphy,Steve Agee,Lisa Salzano,Candiss Cogdill,Harvey J. Alperin,Ernest Misko,Rebecca Avery,Kira Burri
Year: 2006
Imdb: click here

" She gives him a made-up confession that he finds a turn on"

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