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Watch The Children Are Watching Us (Bambini ci guardano, I) online

Where to watch The Children Are Watching Us (Bambini ci guardano, I)
The film follows the anguish of the four-year-old, Prico, after his mother, Nina, leaves his father, Andrea, for her lover Roberto. Prico is sent to his aunt and then to his grandmother. Nina returns when Prico is sick and vows to give up Roberto, even though he persists in seeing her. The family situation gradually improves until they take a holiday on the Italian Riviera. Written byWill Gilbert

Actors: Emilio Cigoli,Luciano De Ambrosis,Isa Pola,Adriano Rimoldi,Giovanna Cigoli,Jone Frigerio,Maria Gardena,Dina Perbellini,Nicoletta Parodi,Tecla Scarano,Ernesto Calindri,Olinto Cristina,Mario Gallina,Zaira La Fratta,Armando Migliari
Year: 1944
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" But even with all the benefits of the privileged child, Prico's painful experience is conveyed in the same stylistic subjectivity of jump cuts and revealing tracking shots that give the neorealist works their form and much of their power"

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