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Ex-sheriff Ben Stride tracks the seven men who held up a Wells Fargo office and killed his wife. Stride is tormented by the fact that his own failure to keep his job was the cause of his wife's working in the express office and thus he is partly responsible for her death. Stride encounters a married couple heading west for California and helps them. Along the way they are joined by two n'er-do-wells, Masters and Clete, who know that Stride is after the express-office robbers. They plan to let Stride lead them to the bandits, then make away with the loot themselves. But they aren't the only ones carrying a secret. Written byJim Beaver <>

Actors: Randolph Scott,Gail Russell,Lee Marvin,Walter Reed,John Larch,Don 'Red' Barry,Fred Graham,John Beradino,John Phillips,Chuck Roberson,Stuart Whitman,Pamela Duncan,Steve Mitchell,Cliff Lyons,Fred Sherman
Year: 1956
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" Randolph Scott performs a lonely rider thirsty to revenge the death of his wife, and Lee Marvin performs a great villain, as usual"

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