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An adventurous coming-of-age story that follows young rebellious Sherry through Europe as she loses her illusions, virginity and lip ring.

Actors: Ellen Page,Natasha Wightman,August Diehl,Beatrice Brown,Maxwell McCabe-Lokos,Elliot McCabe-Lokos,Diana Greenwood,Eric Thal,Jefferson Guzman,Willy Rachow,Christian Näthe,Jim Sturgess,Patrícia Guerreiro,Joaquim Horta,Armin Dillenberger
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

" You have your standard stereotypes everywhere, but none of the characters are in any way likable, which in itself doesn't necessarily cause me a problem and maybe this is just the type of film where no one needs to be liked, but either way"

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