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In the moments before his third marriage, Caveh Zahedi looks into the camera and flashes back to a vividly disturbing yet poignant story of his long obsession with prostitutes and how that obsession has served to destroy his previous marriages and relationships. Can Caveh overcome his addiction and finally succeed in a relationship? Written

Actors: Caveh Zahedi,Christoff Colas,Rebecca Lord,Lindsey Tjian,Jenny Pompor,Michelle Roesler,Melanie Bonne,Anastasia Gershman,Seymour Kramer,Sylvia Grosneau,Phillip Minnig,Thomas Logoreci,Angelina Moysov,Jacqueline Wright,Heidi Dupre
Year: 2005
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" Caveh is a human with extreme flaws and whether you love him or hate him: he is real"

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