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Jimmy has a gambling debt and uses a lie to get his girlfriend Susan to help him find $900. Susan uses another lie to get her bartender brother Ray to help, but Ray hates Jimmy. Ray wanders around the local bars collecting the money; Jimmy's looking for Ray and Susan's looking for Jimmy. If the wrong people meet, the lies will unravel. Written byRob Hartill

Actors: Campbell Scott,Moira Kelly,Michelle Durning,Eric Stoltz,Peter Riegert,Charles Durning,Katrin Cartlidge,Saundra Santiago,Carlo Alban,David Aaron Baker,Daryl Hannah,Steve Gilger,J. Tucker Smith,Elizabeth Van Dyke,Christina Santiago
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Hi-life is a complicated tale of friends and acquaintances trying to outwit and bamboozle each other over a gambling debt only a few are privy to"

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