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Watch Sword of the Beast (Kedamono no ken) online

Where to watch Sword of the Beast (Kedamono no ken)
Gennosuke, a clan retainer, kills one of the clan ministers as part of a plot to achieve reform. He is pursued by his former comrades, each hoping to complete the vendetta put on Gennosuke by the clan. With the help of a master swordsman, Yamane, Gennosuke has a chance at survival. Written byJim Beaver <>

Actors: Mikijirô Hira,Gô Katô,Shima Iwashita,Toshie Kimura,Kantarô Suga,Yôko Mihara,Kunie Tanaka,Eijirô Tôno,Shigeru Amachi,Hajime Araki,Tsuyoshi Date,Ryûji Fujisawa,Torahiko Hamada,Tôru Hatozaki,Sentarô Hayashi
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"One of Gosha's earlier movies, it contains all the elements that made him a "chambara" director to be admired and emulated: Well-composed and thoughtful cinematography, a cynical view of authority (with certain implications for modern Japanese society), human drama, and OF COURSE, some excellent swordplay!Certainly a solid and watchable samurai drama, both for "popcorn" and "cinema" appeal"

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