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An "aspiring Hollywood actress" (Vinessa Shaw), on a visit to a charming North England town, has a brief fling with the town undertaker (David Tennant), who also writes obituaries for the local paper. Returning home, where she works as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant, she tells everyone about the handsome "writer" she met on her trip. Unfortunately, he decides to follow her back to Hollywood, setting up the expected light romantic comedy with asides as the newcomer gains experience about the goings on in Hollywood. Written byJohn Sacksteder <>

Actors: Tony Peers,Steve Huison,David Tennant,Margo Stanley,Vinessa Shaw,Saskia Reeves,Malcolm Tierney,Margi Clarke,Monte Hellman,Jean-Pierre Kalfon,Julie Delpy,Kevin West,Lisa Edelstein,Michael Campbell,Joe Dallesandro
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"The lighting here is dark and realistic almost like a documentary at times"

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