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Get on the Bus follows several Black men on a cross country bus trip to the Million Man March. On the bus are an eclectic set of characters including a laid off aircraft worker, a former Gang Banger, a Hollywood actor, a cop who is of mixed racial background, and a White bus driver, all make the trek discussing issues surrounding the march, manhood, religion, politics, and race. Written byRobert Drake <>

Actors: Richard Belzer,De'aundre Bonds,Andre Braugher,Thomas Jefferson Byrd,Gabriel Casseus,Albert Hall,Hill Harper,Harry Lennix,Bernie Mac,Wendell Pierce,Roger Guenveur Smith,Isaiah Washington,Steve White,Ossie Davis,Charles S. Dutton
Year: 1996
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" I was happy to see that ALL aspects of the society were equally represented in this film without reinforcing dated stereotypes"

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