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This comedy-drama is partially a gentle satire on America's drive to change the world in the post-war years. One year after World War II, Captain Fisby is sent to the village of Tobiki in Okinawa to teach the people democracy. The first step is to build a school -- but the wily Okinawans know what they really want. They tell him about their culture and traditions -- and persuade him to build something they really want instead: a teahouse. Fisby has a hard time breaking this news to his superiors. Written byTom Zoerner <>

Actors: Marlon Brando,Glenn Ford,Machiko Kyô,Eddie Albert,Paul Ford,Jun Negami,Nijiko Kiyokawa,Mitsuko Sawamura,Harry Morgan,Jane Chung
Year: 1956
Imdb: click here

" ***** out of *****And by the way, when I sent this tape to my daughter she called me and said she liked the film but I told her Marlon Brando was in it, and he wasn't! Ah, these twentysomethings!"

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