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Lawrence is a reserved civil servant who has worked for the British government for years. When he meets the much younger Gina in a café, he is immediately smitten. Feeling uncharacteristically impetuous, Lawrence invites her to join him on a business trip to Reykjavik for the G-8 summit. Gina, not one to hold her thoughts back, surprises Lawrence with her blunt political opinions, and he must balance his affection for her with the propriety of his position. Written byJwelch5742

Actors: Bill Nighy,Kelly Macdonald,Meneka Das,Anton Lesser,Paul Ritter,Ken Stott,Federico Zanni,Penny Downie,Damon Younger,Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir,Marit Velle Kile,Philippe De Grossouvre,Louisa Bojesen,Christian Rubeck,Toshie Ogura
Year: 2005
Imdb: click here

" "The Girl in the Café" is just such a film!The first half of the firm is primarily quirky romantic comedy as a pencil-pushing, workaholic diplomat has a chance meeting with a young woman, and the couple share a table in a crowded café"

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