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Dr. Maurice Lamar is a noted plastic-surgeon who makes his rich clients beautiful, and also makes them. He makes Eve Caron, the wife of Marcel Caron, so satisfied with his skilled hands that she leaves Marcel and marries Maurice. They go on a Mediterranean honeymoon, where he soon finds the affects of his own beauty regulations are more than he can handle. He bids adieu to his new bride, wings it back to Paris with the intention of giving up his practice and becoming a scientific researcher...after winning back the love of his simple, unadorned secretary, Anne. Written byLes Adams <>

Actors: Cary Grant,Helen Mack,Genevieve Tobin,Edward Everett Horton,Lucien Littlefield,Mona Maris,Katherine Williams,Lucille Lund,Rafael Storm,Doris Lloyd,Sam Ash,Helena Phillips Evans,Toby Wing,Henry Armetta,George Beranger
Year: 1934
Imdb: click here

" With only a few establishing shots to make us believe this is Paris in the film, Cary Grant plays a noted French plastic surgeon who has become a celebrity of sorts with his success rate in turning out women who rate being called a 10"

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