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Rocky Graziano is building a career in crime, when he's finally caught and arrested. In jail, he is undisciplined, always getting into trouble. When he gets out after many years he has decided to start a new life. However, he is immediately drafted to the army. But they can't keep him and he goes AWOL. Rocky discovers boxing as a way of earning quick money, and is discovered as a new talent. Written byMattias Thuresson

Actors: Paul Newman,Pier Angeli,Everett Sloane,Eileen Heckart,Sal Mineo,Harold J. Stone,Joseph Buloff,Sammy White,Arch Johnson,Robert P. Lieb,Theodore Newton
Year: 1956
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" No, this was Graziano's story and Paul Newman - despite not looking Italian - did a superb job playing him"

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