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Alix is taken in by a photographer, Digna, who despite her friends' protests, tries to help Alix piece her life back together and overcome her addictions. Written bygluba2000 (revised)

Actors: Ana Reeder,Michael Hyatt,Nestor Rodriguez,Christopher Kadish,John Ahearn,Wren Arthur,Cello Ayala,Ellen Blake,Jan Bohan,Brian J. Burchill,Michael Buscemi,Buster,Peter Butler,John Cesare,Raven Chaney
Year: 2001
Imdb: click here

"This is a very realistic program that shows the serious risks to a recovering alcoholic/addict (even one who has had a long period of sobriety), of not honestly dealing with all her true feelings during her recovery, not going to regular AA/NA meetings, or not being able to call a Sponsor during high-risk situations"

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