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Where to watch Self-Made Hero, A (Un héros très discret)
Set in France at the end of World War II Albert Dehousse finds out his father wasn't a war hero and his mother is a collaborator. He leaves his wife and goes to Paris. Gradually he inveigles himself with the resistance movement. They trust him and he helps them trace collaborators. Written byDavid Morgans <>

Actors: Mathieu Kassovitz,Anouk Grinberg,Sandrine Kiberlain,Jean-Louis Trintignant,Albert Dupontel,Nadia Barentin,Bernard Bloch,François Chattot,Philippe Duclos,Danièle Lebrun,Armand de Baudry d'Asson,Wilfred Benaïche,François Berléand,Philippe Berodot,Gilles Del Frate
Year: 1996
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