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Watch The Tom Green Show 1994 online: Episode 10 Episode 23

- Singing East Indian dude intro... - Intro - Talkin with Glenn; clip showing how much SNL's Will Farrell hates Glenn - Tom dresses as a robot, and prepares to eat some meat - Harassing people in a cowboy hat, singing a western ditty over and over again - The Ottawa sticker man - Playing with the phone: shocking a audience member "Dont break it.. it cost 15 bucks" - How to make a hand glider - "Deer run faster than people...bugs bite people..making it harder to film animals.. sunsets are nice.. and Toms an idiot" - Phil Giroux gets a nude massage - Billy Bob talks about carrots - Phone contest: Guess the sound - Mc Face: attends a wood carving convention - Chainsawing the phone

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